2017 Dressage Results 

Results will be posted here a few days after each show.

Placings are also posted on the Gaitkeeper website, but we cannot display scores there. The documents below contain both. 


EMAA I Dressage Results - May 2017

 EMAA II Dressage Results - June 2017

 EMAA III Dressage Results - July 2017

EMAA IV Dressage Results - Sept 2017

Files are provided in Adobe format. If you have any trouble viewing them, please try downloading an updated version of Adobe Reader.

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Dressage Division

​​Welcome to the EMAA dressage program including our Arabian/Half-Arabian division for members and our year-end awards and our Open Breed Division!

NEW THIS YEAR -   We are testing out a new online self-scheduling ride time system.  The website is SignUpGenius.com. It is a very easy scheduling system to sign up with and navigate. We are hoping this will be a successful process to implement for our shows.

PLEASE ensure all areas are filled in completely to include rider name, horse name, back number if known, class number and test to be ridden.  This system is NOT your entry, but should be used to schedule your ride time AFTER you have entered online or by email with the office manager.

Open breed entries may schedule their ride times beginning at 12:01 AM on the Monday prior to the show.  This ensures that our members can accommodate their main ring conflicts.  Thank you!  The system will be locked for final schedule on Thursday prior to the show at 5pm. Any changes after this time should be taken care of at the show.

**If you need to cancel your entries for any reason, please also remove your scheduled ride time in the system to open up the slot for someone else**

Click HERE for step-by-step directions for reserving times with SignUpGenius…it’s really easy!


Exhibitors with main ring class conflicts of 10 or more classes are given 1st preference for Friday ride times.  If there are openings available after these riders are accommodated, others may sign up for Friday times. Those mailing entries by U.S. postal mail- Please confirm your entries were received by Rebecca before scheduling your ride time online.

Reminder- you must have an entry BEFORE scheduling a ride time.

*NOTE:  The WESTERN dressage tests have changed this year.  Click HERE for a document that explains how Western Dressage is judged and describes what is required in the class.

See the dressage section of the EMAA Rules and Regulations document for attire and other guidelines to be followed. You may also want to review the USEF Dressage Attire and Equipment document for questions about bits, etc.

REMEMBER: EMAA rules may not be exactly the same as USEF. Questions about equipment and attire may be sent to our Dressage Secretary, Kim Winger, at dressage@emaa.org.

We will have a separate judge on Friday only, to start with SPORT HORSE IN HAND classes at 3pm, beginning with Half- Arab, followed by Purebreds, and then Open Breed.  We will hold the rail classes as in the past at 6pm- Suitability, Equitation, and Sport Horse under Saddle.

A main weekend judge will start judging tests beginning on Friday at 3pm until 7/8pm as the schedule requires, continuing from 8am- 5/6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Added ride times will be tagged onto Saturday as needed after a dinner break. 

All dressage classes may be split or combined as needed.


EMAA has an Open Breed division for dressage!  Open breed classes are entered through our online system on Gaitkeeper.com or you can email your entry to Rebecca Dow at officemanager@emaa.org using the OPEN Breed Dressage Entry form.  Open breed ride times can be scheduled starting at 12:01 AM on the Monday before the show using the online scheduling site- SignUpGenius.com.

We offer Open Breed dressage high score.  The top score overall for the weekend will be awarded.  Cost is $5 for the weekend entry.   We also offer Open Breed Sport Horse in Hand. Sign up and spread the word!

EMAA membership is not required for exhibitors in these classes.

These classes are not eligible for EMAA year-end awards.

Use Class #500 for Open Breed Sport Horse in Hand

Use Class #501-507 for any/all of these tests:

Intro A, B, C

Training level 1, 2, 3

First level 1, 2, 3

Second level 1, 2, 3

Western Intro 1 and 3

Western Basic 1 and 3

Test of Choice- for any test not offered as above on our show bill.  You must provide 2 copies of the test for the judge and scribe. 

Please confirm with the gate attendant your back number, order of go, and which test you are riding. Results will be posted as tests are scored and placings will be posted by the end of the show on Sunday.

Dressage competitors (Arabian and non-Arabian riders) who are members of Midwest Dressage Association (MDA) may submit scores earned at our shows to MDA for inclusion in their Year End Award program if we have a carded judge for our weekend show.  MDA Membership must be active before scores are earned. Please visit the MDA website for a membership application.

We are also offering Open Breed classes in our Gymkhana division –
check out the full show bill on the SHOW FORMS page for more information.

2017 Dressage Judges

May 19-21  Ingham County Fairgrounds
Friday in-hand/rail classes - Julie Fleming
Fri-Sun dressage tests - Doug Puterbaugh

June 23-25  MSU Pavilion
Friday in-hand/rail classes - Doug Puterbaugh
Fri-Sun dressage tests - Julie Fleming

July 14-16  Shiawasee Fairgrounds
Friday in-hand/rail classes - Shari Wolke
Fri-Sun dressage tests - Mary Bradshaw

Sept. 8-10  Ingham County Fairgrounds
Friday in-hand/rail classes - Mary Bradshaw
Fri-Sun dressage tests - Shari Wolke

Eastern Michigan Arabian Association