Eastern Michigan Arabian Association

Show Forms

For instructions on how to use the GaitKeeper website, please click HERE.

Due to some problems last year with information not pulling from the GaitKeeper Website, please feel free to email/call/text to confirm that I have received your entries. My contact information is below:

Rebecca Dow



If you would like to sign up for Versatility, Dressage High Score, or Weekend High Point, those have been added as Class #'s, and they are listed below:

800 - Versatility

801 - Dressage High Score

802 - Open Breed - Dressage High Score

803 - Weekend High Point - 13 & Under

804 - Weekend High Point - 14-17

805 - Weekend High Point - 18-34

806 - Weekend High Point - 35 & Over

NEW THIS YEAR - Option Class Rule Change

Just so that everyone is aware, the board has made a few changes as to how Option Classes can be purchased/reserved for each show:

Classes will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis, but will not be able to be purchased until show registration opens (once the show has been posted on GaitKeeper). Additionally, only (1) Option Class can be purchased by each rider, and that rider MUST be entered in that class. After the show begins, if any Option Classes remain, anyone is then allowed to purchase.

*There will be a $20 reservation (pre-pay only) to select the class to be offered.

*In the event that 4 or more exhibitors enter the class, the reservation fee will be refunded.

*Once a class has been reserved it will not be cancelled.

*There will not be any year-end awards for Option Classes.

Back Number Reservations

If you would like to reserve a particular Back # and have not done so already, please call/text/email to reserve your number.

NOTE TO DRESSAGE RIDERS: please review the information about ride times on the Dressage page of this site.

When signing up for Ride Times, PLEASE be sure to register for classes first either on the GaitKeeper Website or by sending in your Entry Form. For all Open-Breed Riders; Ride Time registration will open on the Monday prior to the show at 12:01 AM. For dressage questions, please email Kim Winger at dressage@emaa.org.

Files are provided in Adobe format. If you have any trouble viewing them, please try downloading an updated version of Adobe Reader.

Here is a link to the free download:

2017 Closing Dates


Closing date for show entries

 (to receive the pre-entry discount) is the Saturday before each show.

Closing date for EMAA I

May 13, 2017 

Closing date for EMAA II

June 17, 2017 

Closing date for EMAA III

July 8, 2017 

Closing date for EMAA IV

Sept 2, 2017



Payment must accompany the completed Stall Request form. 

After the closing date, stalls cannot be cancelled AND no refund will be given.

Stall requests are only required if you want a certain stall or barn. There are always plenty of stalls available upon check in at the office.

Stall Reservation Form