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Sponsorship Info
 - $25

During our shows, you can sponsor an individual regular class of your liking. OR $80 to sponsor the same class all season (4 Shows). Businesses can donate items such as (optional):

  • $10 Gift card/ or Item

  • Discount Coupon

  • Business Card (attached to first ribbon)

  • Picture posted on our social media.

  • EMAA provided sign with your business name & other sponsors for one weekend.

  • Announced with the results of sponsor class.

Sponsorship - $100

Supports the High Point award for a single Age Division (Limit of 5). The following will be awarded at the year-end banquet:

  • $25 gift card

  • Business name on gift card

  • Picture posted on social media and after the year-end award banquet

  • ½ page advertisement on our program

  • Tax Donation Receipt

  • Company-provided banner displayed at a weekend horse show & Banquet.

  • Advertised on our website for a year.

 - $150

The end of the year is our special time to give back to our members. Cash donation.


  • One page advertisement in our program & advertised on our website for a year.

  • Business name announced for the weekend shows (payment before June Deadline) & at the banquet.

  • Special Post on our social media platform after the banquet.

  • Two “Bay Sponsorships” benefits included (payment is made before June Deadline)  

  • Company provided banner displayed at Shows and Banquet

  • Tax Donation Receipt

 Contact Taylor DeBlair with any questions at


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