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Adult Membership
  • One person 18 yrs and older
  • Qualify for year-end awards--calculated from points you earn during competition


As a member of the EMAA, I pledge: To always act for the good of the organization and represent the interests of all people served by this nonprofit; To represent this organization in a positive and supportive manner at all times; and, To promote the EMAA’s mission and purpose by understanding and abiding by the organization’s ByLaws and the organization’s Rules and Regulations.


Mail-in Membership Form available here

Adult Membership

  • By completing an online membership application, you agree to assume all risks of injury or property damage that may occur at this show. You understand that entering this show, coming on the grounds, and participating in this show are equine activities covered under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act. You agree to waive any and all claims against Eastern Michigan Arabian Association, its employees, agents and volunteers for any injury to yourself, your horse, your representatives or agents which may arise from participating at this show. You further agree to waive all claims for property damages which may arise from participating at this show. You agree to be bound by all the rules under which this show is conducted.

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