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February Newsletter

President's Letter

Dear Members,

I recently saw this meme on social media that said “Gardening does not begin in the spring with your first seed planted, it begins in the depths of winter with a dream”. As an avid gardener, I cannot tell you how much this resonates with. I’m the person who has to buy new house plants all winter long just to keep the feeling of grow progress alive. I meticulously plan out my garden space with which veggies I will grow that summer. I draw diagrams, for crying out loud. Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because like the dream of creating the perfect garden is planted in the winter, so is the practice that goes into creating your perfect show horse.

Now I know not everyone is blessed with an indoor arena, and winter riding may be reserved for uncharacteristically warm and dry days. Or perhaps you’re a winter warrior and bundle up to get those really animated trots through the snow banks. But regardless of how much riding you’re able to accomplish through the cold and icky months, I think one thing we all have in common is dreaming about the start of show season and all we may be able to accomplish with our horse during those precious few weekends. It seems that I cannot have a conversation with another horse show friend without the typical question being asked, “Are you ready for SHOW SEASON??”

There is something so magical and frightening about winter and the accompanying preparation for show season. It feels so close and yet so far away. I often find myself riding a young horse, thinking to myself, ‘Well, these transitions are really sloppy, but at least I have all winter to work on them…’ And then in what feels like a blink of an eye, those sloppy transitions may not still be where I want them but I’m already sending in my stall reservation for the first show. I often fill my head with ideas of grandeur on all the amazing things I will achieve during the colder “work” months. And then suddenly, snow is melting, mud is back with a vengeance and I have to start clipping legs. Goodbye, Mohawks. Adios, cute fuzzy ears. Time to unwrap that tail and see what hell lies within. 

Members, I hope that while your horses are cozied up in their blankets, or maybe reveling in all their winter hair glory, you are dreaming big and making plans for this season. After all, we know it will be here before we realize. If you attended our 2023 Year-End Banquet, then you have officially been invited back this year with a free membership. Thank you for not only sharing your 2023 show season with us, but also attending our year-end celebration. But now I’m going to ask you to do me a favor: Bring your friends. We all know that horse showing is more fun with friends, and our Arabian community is like no other. If you have other Arabian-owning friends who may want to show with us, brag to them about how awesome our shows are and what a great time you had at the banquet. Show them the amazing prizes you won! Give them all the reasons why they should join us for the 2024 season and have the best summer ever! And if those friends of yours own stock horses then, well….. Bring them out anyways and have them watch a Native Costume or Sidesaddle class. I’m sure we can get them hooked!

Dreaming of sunshine and green pastures


Kelly Beaubien, President


2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

Our board members have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming show season! As a long time EMAA member, but relatively new face to the board of directors, I felt very excited to facilitate a new program that could be mutually beneficial for our members and our organization. I’ve thoughtfully tweaked our sponsorship program for the 2024 season, making it more streamline and easier for businesses and sponsors to get exactly the benefits they want.

Please see our new sponsorship form on the EMAA website or download a printable version here. With 3 different levels of sponsorship to choose from, EMAA members will benefit from all. Our goal this year is to raise $2,500 and use the money towards prizes, exhibitor benefits, or new equipment for the shows.

Do you have questions in how this works? I’m happy to answer! Please contact me at and we can decide the best level of sponsorship for your business to support. Are you interested in sponsoring a show event such as exhibitor breakfast, youth activity, or something totally new? Let’s talk!

We look forward to a fabulous 2024 season!

Thank you so much,

Taylor DeBlair


Board Members Through the Winter

Kelly Beaubien, President

While I admit I haven't put as much time into my young horse as I would have hoped this winter, I've really tried to take this time and enjoy my two Golden Gals in their retirement years. Ally (chestnut) is 25 and still acts as sassy as she did when she was 9 and we were traveling all over Michigan doing Rodeo, while Lilly (Bay) is 28 and still totes a few peewee's around for lessons each week. My Junior horse Stewart is 2.5 and has not been backed yet, but he wears a surcingle and long-lines like a champion. Just as long as the ropes don't touch his legs....

Mattie Smith, Secretary

Mattie has been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm winter days by trail riding with her family on her chestnut gelding Marz.

Taylor Deblair, Director at Large

During these cold gloomy days, Vinny and I love to make the most noise in the barn. I enjoy refilling his treat ball and his milk jugs with rocks. He becomes a little toddler and makes as much commotion as possible. I like to think it is desensitizing for the rest of the horses. Vinny and I are working on the basics of showmanship and hopefully expand in other areas this year. 

Zara Wright, Director at Large

What do I like to do with my horses in the winter?

We do our best to stay warm and dry! But we especially love the days the sun is shining and we can soak it all up! When it’s warm enough, we are working to get ready for show season.

Rebecca Rett, Office Manager

This winter has been extra special at the barn for me - My son, Caleb, officially got to meet Jazz! And I'm back to riding after taking time off during pregnancy.


From the Dressage Ring

It’s almost time for another great show season ahead! The snow will melt, the horses will shed out, and our first show will be upon us before you know it.

This year, we will be offering all of the Western dressage tests for Intro and Basic level in response to the great participation in the western division! The new show bill will be posted soon on our website.

If you have never tried dressage, we welcome you to ride a test this year! Even if you are a W/T/C exhibitor in the main ring, you can ride an Intro level (walk/trot/jog) for up to 2 years with your horse.

If you have been riding dressage over the years, we invite you to challenge yourself and move up a level this year. (if you are consistently scoring in the 70’s, it’s time 😊) Don’t forget, you can ride 2 consecutive levels at a show.

Reminder that Dressage Suitability can be ridden for 2 years maximum. See Rules/Regulations for additional info.

Once again, we welcome Open breeders to our shows, so invite your barn friends to an EMAA fun weekend of showing!

Dressage High Score:

-$5 entry per horse/rider combo per weekend.

-Open breed- overall highest score awarded at the show.

-Arabian/Half-Arabians- highest score at each level awarded at the banquet.

I am planning a quick meeting at our first show to answer questions, review pinning a test, and welcome all of our dressage exhibitors.

We will be using the Signup genius again this year for ride times. If you have any questions or suggestions, please submit them to me. We are always open to new ideas for improving our program.

See you all soon!

Kim Winger- Dressage Secretary


A Note to Our Members

Organizing and running a horse show post-pandemic has been an interesting experience that we are still creatively navigating. While many of the immediate concerns have "gone back to normal", there are still lingering items that we as a Board are battling each month. Our biggest hurdle being the bane of every small business owner's existence: Inflation.

Unfortunately, there are some things we just cannot help, and the rising cost of what it actually takes to run a horse show (much less one of our quality and scale) is the big one. For this reason alone, there will be some adjustments to our 2024 fees. I would encourage all members planning to show with us this year to review our entry fees on the website, as some have changed moving forward.  

Please know that our number one priority is to provide the absolute best horse showing experience at an affordable rate for your family. We will still be offering pre-entry discounts, as well as Dressage test pinning! Weekend High Point, Versatility and Dressage High Score are all programs I would encourage everyone to sign up for, as this is a wonderful way to try new things with your horse and be eligible for some great awards at the end of the year!


New Board Member!

Lola Mathewson, Youth Activities

Hi, my name is Lola Mathewson and I’m so thankful for this wonderful opportunity! I’m excited to take this opportunity and be able give back to such a wonderful organization. I have enjoyed myself over so many years of being a part of the youth activities. Now I am 19 years old and would love to pay it forward to give other kids enjoyable opportunities that I had as a child. I am open to any ideas or activities you all would like to see for the youth! I’m ready for the 2024 season!


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