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May Newsletter

President's Letter

Dear Members,

The first show of the season to me always feels like the first day back to school. Pulling into the fairgrounds and setting up for that May show always gives me a “fresh start” vibe. I love catching up with horse show friends I haven’t seen in months. I love seeing which exhibitors are bringing new horses for the first time, who’s sporting a new outfit, who’s trying a new discipline for the first time, which kiddos aged up into the next division. Because, really members, we only see one another a few times a year if we are lucky. And yet we become such important parts of one another’s summer. We share in each other’s joy and success; we celebrate milestones that happen in the ring. A first blue ribbon, first championship neck ribbon. The survival of a large and hectic class or a tough pattern. Many of you I see only four or five times a year, but I celebrate with you. I am proud with you.

Over the last ten years during my involvement with the Board of Directors, I have watched as walk/trotters on their first horse have grown, aged up, and are now graduating. I have seen junior exhibitors now purchasing their own adult membership. But most importantly, I’ve seen families grow. I’ve seen returning members year after year, bringing new horses, and new friends to join our organization. I’ve seen barns welcoming new members and adding them to their stall count at the shows. I’ve seen open breed dressage riders sign up for their few ride times, and then come back the next year with their newly purchased purebred just so they can participate in main ring. And I hope this will continue. I know that what makes this association so great is the spirit that lives within each of our members, and it is contagious. Keep spreading it, members.

Specifically, for this first show of 2023, We welcomed 128 horses to compete. Those 128 horses gave us a total of 825 entries for the weekend. Our newly adjusted showbill did offer the opportunity for an earlier end time on Saturday. Our youth members enjoyed a riotous time at the stick horse race, organized by our Youth Director Katie. Our Dressage secretary, Kim was busy on her feet (and golfcart) all weekend as the dressage entries were FULL. I was also delighted to see some of our more specialty classes such as Sidesaddle, Bareback, Show Hack, and Native Costume had GREAT turnout with over 6 entries in each.

EMAA I was also made especially special because we had an immense amount of support from our Sponsors. Director at Large, Taylor, has been working very hard to obtain sponsorships and provide advertising for local businesses who support our organization. Please see our website for more information on how to become involved as a sponsor and consider supporting the local businesses who have donated to our association.

EMAA II is just around the corner, members! Please be sure to get those stall reservations to Rebecca and Camping Reservations to Zara before the deadline. Dressage Ride Times are now available on Sign-Up Genius. Looking forward to another successful show to celebrate with everyone!


Kelly Beaubien


Eastern Michigan Arabian Association






If you are planning to attend one of our three shows held at Ingham County Fairgrounds, please note that new parking restrictions have been put in place this year and will be strongly enforced.

General parking throughout the weekend should be done in the gravel lots to the east of the main arena and barns. Two vehicles are permitted at each campsite, but no other parking is allowed near the barns on in the midway (grassy area near dressage ring). There will be absolutely no trailer parking within the fenced area of the grounds unless camping. Please understand that these are guidelines we are being asked to follow directly from the fairgrounds. Failure to follow these parking guidelines will result in fines or your vehicle being towed.

Message from the Fairgrounds:

In an effort to minimize the impact of events on the grounds, please understand the parking lots are available for use during your event. Two cars are permitted to park in the campground during your event. All other vehicles and trailers should be parked in the designated parking lots on the east side of the grounds on the outside of the fenced in perimeter of the Fairgrounds. All vehicles that are parked in no parking zones will be subject to $25 fines. No parking zones include but are not limited to: areas surrounding the barns, the midway road or midway grass, around or in front of pavilions.


Please plan ahead and save yourself money!! Remember to pay for your shavings prior to Sunday of the show or the cost per bag will increase. Please see the chart below for pricing on shavings. If you have any questions about ordering shavings, please contact Crestview Tack Shop!


What’s New with Camping?

Although much is the exact same as previous years, there a couple of changes I want to go over in regards to Camping.

First and foremost, I think it would be good to clarify a couple of things. Camping Reservations are mandatory, just as stall reservations are. Camping Reservations will close the Saturday before the show. If you need a camping spot after this, you will be assigned a site in the Non- Reserved Designated Camping Area. This will be sites 91-98 at Ingham County Fairgrounds. If you do not submit a reservation form ahead of time and are assigned a non-reserved spot at the show, there will be an additional $10 fee.

You will also notice that the Reservation Forms have been updated on the website as well. Specifically, the ICF Form has a much easier to understand map that I put together for the ease of our Exhibitors. At the shows, there will be a map posted at the office as well as all of the assigned spots of our exhibitors. I will be posting the assigned spots on the Facebook page before the start of the show, as well. In previous years I have emailed every exhibitor/camper individually, but I will no longer be sending individual emails. I believe having the maps posted makes it easier on all of us.

Finally, EMAA asks that the name on the reservation must be the person responsible for the cost of that site of the given weekend. You may still reserve in groups as you have, but it must be given the paying party’s information.

I am so excited to get this show season started!! As always, I am here via text, call or email if you ever have any questions or concerns. Let’s have a great year everyone!


Dressage Update

We had a great 1st show in dressage! Though it was chilly and a little rain, the weather finally turned perfect on Sunday for our exhibitors.

Arabian entries: 181

Open breed entries: 16

Total: 197

The open window for A/HA Sport Horse in Hand seemed to work out ok for everyone, allowing exhibitors to manage both main ring and dressage classes.

Just a few reminders:

-Novice Combo classes are intended for a new horse/rider combination riding that particular test and is allowed for a maximum of 2 years. The number of blue ribbons is not a factor. Please be mindful of this as you choose this option as it is not something the club tracks for you.

-If you are pinning 2 tests, this should be added to your comments on Sign up Genius so that I put it on the schedule. You should enter both classes on Gaitkeeper and let the office staff know how many tests you have pinned to receive the $ credit. You should also confirm with the gate person your tests and divisions/pins so that you are placed in the correct classes. These steps help keep things running smoothly for me as well as the scribe and gate person.

Kim Winger- Dressage Secretary


2023 Sponsors

Thank you to our current Sponsors for the 2023 Season!

If you are interested in advertising your business and supporting EMAA, please contact Director at Large, Taylor DeBlair. The three different level of sponsors offer opportunity for your business to be mentioned at the shows, as well as posted on the website and Facebook page.


What does EMAA mean to me?

By Liz Taylor

I have ridden at EMAA since 2015, with the exception of a few shows here and there. It all started with Bud (Desert Heat) my half Arabian gelding that I’ve had since 2014, when I was 11 years old. Bud enabled me to not only grow as a rider, but as a person too. He not only gave me the opportunity to show with confidence, but also taught me how to ride correctly, how to ask for collection, and obtain correct canter leads. We also learned how to handle traffic on the rail haha! I remember being so nervous to go to my first EMAA show. All I had ever shown at before was 4H. EMAA was my first step into the world of breed showing, where there big barns and I was competing against high caliber horses. The more I was there, the more horse show friends I gained and the more confident I felt going into each of my classes.

Everyone at EMAA is kind. I have always felt like I could ask for help if needed, whether it was to drop a tail down before a class or get information on a pattern. I continued showing Bud through high school and my first few years of college at EMAA. In 2022, Bud turned 22 and was diagnosed with PPID. I decided that it would be his last season of showing and I started looking for a new horse. By March, I had found Lilly (Marquessa Berri Bey). I now show Lilly in dressage and hunt seat at EMAA. I love that EMAA is incredibly supportive of everything I have wanted to do.

I appreciate all of the members and their kindness. Any times that I have needed help or an extra hand, another member stepped up to be there. From fixing my bun (thanks Kelly!) to helping me with trailer loading (thanks Ambiance! and thanks San-Lue!), even people I did not know have lended a hand. I love how not only is EMAA a place for family and kindness, but also has the higher competitive aspect. I have not only grown up at the EMAA shows, but I have learned an incredible amount about horsemanship and sportsmanship throughout my time here so far and I plan to show here for many more years. While Bud is enjoying retired life, being spoiled, Lilly and I are looking forward to the next show! See you there!


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