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January & February Newsletter

President's Letter

Hello EMAA members, and welcome to the 2023 Show Season!

For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kelly and I am the newly elected President of this association. I am delighted to have the support and trust of our members to lead this incredible organization for the next two years. During my time as a Director at Large over the last several years, I was able to gain a better perspective on what makes this organization not only run smoothly and successfully, but also what is important to our members. YOU, members, are the heart and soul of why we do this. YOU are the reason the in our off-season, to ensure a great experience at our shows. And YOU are the reason this organization is like none other. Thank you to all our members for helping us create one of the largest and most well-attended non-rated breed shows in the state.

Like many horse people, my entire year’s schedule is centered around show season. As a professional trainer and riding instructor, and owner of DoubleStar Equestrian in Mason, MI, my life not only revolves around the care and management of these beautiful creatures, but I am lucky enough to share my passion for EMAA with my Arabian-owning students. My life outside of horses is full of many other hobbies that I never feel I have sufficient time for. I love to garden, and somehow manage to expand my planting space every year. I also love to read, work on crafty projects around my home, and am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.

What drew me into this association in the first place was the atmosphere. Like I previously stated, my entire spring, summer and fall is jam-packed with horse shows. And believe me when I say that nothing compares to the environment of an EMAA show. There is an almost electricity to the air, and you can feel it from the main ring all the way to the dressage ring. You can feel it in each step of a Native Costume horse, you can feel it in the vibrations that travel up a set of silver romel reins. You can feel it in the poise and attention of our stunning Halter horses, and in the salute of every dressage rider that halts at X. We have something special here, folks. Something that fuels each exhibitor to join us year after year with new horses, new friends. And something that settles into the heart of a former quarter horse-owning Rodeo rider and ignites a passion to help others feel it as well.

I’m so glad to have you join us this year, members. We have an incredible group of people on the Board with such varied experiences and talents, and we are hoping to bring even more enrichment to the EMAA experience this year. Its hard to believe that our first show is still four months away, but it will be here in a blink. I hope that your winter is filled with thoughtful and patient training. I hope your spring is absolutely brimming with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season. And most of all, I hope to see you this summer. Please send a smile and a wave my way if you see me walking around the show grounds. I’d love to chat and catch up or meet new members. And I especially want to know what is important to you, and what you love about EMAA.

~Kelly Beaubien, President





Meet the 2023 Board Members

Vice President: Amy Sommer​


Secretary: Maitlyn Smith


Treasurer: Sharon Murch

I am Sharon Murch and I have been EMAA’s Treasurer and Financial Manager since 2017. I have enjoyed being involved in the administration side of EMAA and getting to know many of you!

I believe that I have been a horse lover since I was born! I was approximately 2 years old when I had my first ride on one of my uncle’s quarter horses. Riding lessons came when I was about 12 and first Arabian at about age 14. I trained my first Arabian (with guidance) and started showing the Eastern Michigan Horse Association (EMHA) circuit; my gelding and I were the high-point English Pleasure champion for the season, and then I moved on to Class A Arabian shows from ages 15-17 (until high school graduation) showing in Halter, English and Western Equitation, English and Western Pleasure, Costume, Reining, Park, and Driving; back in the day there were no hunt classes and english was english (no country english). I was back in the showring at about age 20, but work followed by raising a family was the reason for the long break, however, the Arabians came back into my life about 25 years ago starting with trail riding followed by the role of ”horse show mom” where my daughter competed at high school equestrian team, EMAA shows, Class A/Regional Shows (12, 13, 14, 15).

I currently have three purebred Arabians, two of which are retired (ages 25 and 22) with an upcoming 4 yr. old gelding, and one half-arab mare that was shown in Western Dressage last season.

For my day job, I am an IT Specialist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information and Technology, and I am also an adjunct instructor at a local university. I earned my BBA in Management of Information Technology and my MBA in Organizational Leadership. My experience in Quicken along with the reports it generates, to include trends, have helped the EMAA Board make some tough financial decisions.

I can be contacted at

Directors at Large & Camping Director: Zara Wright

For those who do not know me, my name is Zara!

I have been a part of EMAA since 2018 and I am so excited to start my second term as one of your Directors at Large.

I am here to help continue to make camping as low stress and as easy as possible! Can’t wait to see everyone in just a few months!


Director at Large: Taylor Deblair

Hello, my name is Taylor DeBlair.  I have been an EMAA member for thirteen years.  I was elected at the 2022 EMAA banquet to become a Director at Large. In this position, I will work on sponsorships and help

collaborate on the showbill. EMAA members may remember me in the past with my horse “Scooter”. I currently show Visual Addiction PVF known as “Vinny”.  This will be my second year showing him. I participate in Halter, Huntseat Pleasure, and Junior classes with San-Lue Arabians.  I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  I owe a majority of my success in riding to my fantastic grandparents and my show barn.  I am excited to meet new faces and be around familiar ones in the 2023 season. If you see me around the show, feel free to say hello!


Youth Director: Katie Moseley

Hello, I'm Katie Moseley. I currently work full time as a veterinary assistant and customer service representative at Animal Emergency Hospital in Burton Michigan and own a pet sitting business. In the fall I also manage a large scale pumpkin farm.

I grew up on a small horse farm on the south side of Howell and in 2014 my fiance Steve and I bought a farm in Bancroft Michigan where we live with our daughter Elizabeth. You will often find us at local fairs or school events supporting, encouraging, and mentoring youth agricultural programs. I am very excited about joining the Eastern Michigan Arabian Association board as the new youth director and continuing to support young (and not so young) riders.

My daughter has a huge love of showing horses and competition dance and is full of helpful suggestions for both! When we aren't at a horse show or a dance competition, our hobbies include camping, hiking, and vegetable gardening. After a long day, we really enjoy sitting around a campfire listening to music and eating s’mores.


Office Manager: Rebecca Rett

Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca Rett, and I’ve been managing the Show Office for EMAA since

2016. I love our EMAA family and shows, where we can showcase our beautiful Arabians!

When I’m not in the show office, I enjoy showing Jazz, my half-Arabian gelding! He’s come a long way and each year becomes even more fun to show.

I am looking forward to a great 2023 show season!!


Dressage Secretary: Kim Winger


What does EMAA mean to me?

By Michelle Kostrzewa

I started with EMAA in the mid 90s and loved the atmosphere, the friends that I quickly made and the fact that it was affordable enough that I could show my horse in all the classes that I wanted to and even try some new ones. When my daughter was born, I couldn’t wait to expose her to this awesome world. I purchased a horse that was going to be my ‘next big thing’, but my daughter quickly fell in love with him and he with her. I couldn’t be happier to pass her the reins to her, EMAA is the highlight of our summer, the nonnegotiable weekends together.

EMAA has been a huge influence on who my daughter is today. It has been amazing to watch her grow and learn so many life lessons at the shows - How to win and lose. How to fall off and get back on. Had to be disappointed and sometimes so proud. How to be prepared and how to improvise. How to have lifelong friends, and how to learn to respect your competition. How to be utterly exhausted, but know that you have to take care of your horse first. All of these things are so important in life and will help her to be a kind, driven, responsible adult…And I have EMAA to thank for that.


Dressage Update

It’s 2023 and show season will be here before we know it! We have a few dressage updates to

share, so read on….

With our schedule bursting at the seams again last year, we have decided to go back to having

2 judges for the weekend. One will do the Friday afternoon Sport horse in hand/dressage rail

classes and the other will judge rides all 3 days. This will help us to accommodate more

exhibitors, opening up more ride time slots and hopefully to avoid having a waiting list. We will

be using Signupgenius again for ride times scheduling. More to come as we finalize the

schedule for Friday class start times.

Also, a few changes will be made to the dressage classes/tests offered on the showbill, so stay

tuned for that news as final changes are being decided on soon.

Our judges are lined up and those are posted on the home page. We are welcoming some new

faces from Michigan and Ohio, as well as some returning local favorites!

Watch for additional details in the next newsletter, and looking forward to seeing everyone in

just a few months!

Kim Winger-Dressage Secretary



It Takes a Village!

Anyone who has been around horse shows for even one season knows the old adage “It takes a village…” and its no different when running our shows. EMAA is beyond grateful to our many volunteers who help with ring stewarding, handing out ribbons, setting up patterns, etc.


Your willingness to donate your time helps us create the best horse show experience possible!

Brittany Mathes

Lora Hicks-Thorsby

Bernie Pletcher

Adelaide Halstead

Isabela Halstead

Jacob Levine

Granville Hayworth

Susan Hayworth

Tabby Hayworth

Isabella Hayworth

Brian Rett

Kristen Schank

Matt Winger

Ashley Whitney

Dena Sanders

Chrsitopher Gentner

Christine Young

Alexandria Badgley

Chelsea Mohn

Judi Campbell

Madison Salem

David Mitchell

Brenda Zlotek

Amanda Zlotek

Andrew Di Dio

Abby Di Dio

Bella Di Dio

Sami Maser

Katie Mosley

Wyatt Smith

Tony Smith


Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Hey, my name is Georgia and this is my best friend Milo (aka Miles Thomas)!

Milo is about to turn seven but doesn’t always act like it. He has severe baby brain and is pretty unsure about most things but trusts me enough to know it will be okay. Milos favorite thing is to be with his best friend Casino. They roam the pastures together all day like besties. His favorite snacks consist of lemon cookies, donuts, and bananas. Last year was our first year competing at EMAA and we had a blast! We hope to see you at EMAA this year in the hunt seat and sport horse classes!

Georgie Palmer & WC Ciao Milano


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