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Hello EMAA,

I would like to congratulate everyone on a great first show of 2021! Everything went rather smoothly other than a few hiccups, but this was one of the largest shows that EMAA has hosted since 2017 (182 horses & 1065 class entries). Like all great things, there were a few issues we need to address and that Ingham County Fairgrounds (ICF) will also address.

First, I must address camping. The camping area to the east of the main arena has half of the pedestal boxes locked due to an electrical issue with overloading now that many campers are 50 amp. There were people who felt entitled to pry open locked boxes to plug in or even cut off the locks; this is inexcusable. ICF has implemented a $250 fine for tampering with locked boxes. That fine will be charged directly to the person who violates this rule. The same fine will be issued to people who plug two campers into one power box.

Second, we had some issues with trash cans at the show. We know there were not as many cans out as there should have been, but this doesn’t give anyone the excuse to throw trash around a full can. There is a large dumpster by the camper dump station on the south end, so please use it if all the cans are full or for larger items, like the mini fridge that someone left next to a trash can.

Third, we were aware that the manure trailers were not in their typical spot on the west side of the commercial barns. This does not mean you can put manure or shavings in the trash cans. If manure/shavings are found anyplace other than the stalls or authorized manure dumping area, EMAA will be fined which means that the club will have to pass that fine on to the violator or all club members will eventually be paying for the acts of others.

Fourth, we were notified by fair officials that they approached a seasoned exhibitor on Sunday that was washing her horse close to the campground by barn B. The fair official asked her to please stop and next time use the wash rack. The Board was informed of others that were washing their horses in the aisle of a barn; EMAA can be fined for these violations also. Please follow the rules of the fairgrounds as you have done in years past.

Fifth, keep in mind that we were the first show on the north end this year and the previous weekend it was a vaccination clinic. The ICF grounds manager, Kenny, prepared the facility for us in 3 short days by himself as they were short-staffed. ICF officials have assured us that the facility will be much more prepared and staffed for EMAA 2. If there is any issue with the facility, all issues should be directed to a member of the Board to handle it; report it to the show office.

Sixth, as a result of people not paying for camping or plugging in early and EMAA having to cover the cost, we are trying something new for EMAA 2; reserved camping. Zara is working very hard to make camping easier for all of us. There is now a reservation form and camping map on the website so I recommend we all use this option. When you arrive with your camper there will be reservation signs on the power boxes that are reserved. Please pay attention to Reserved Camping Tag on the box when you park; anyone that disregards reserved camping spots or removes the reserved signs the violator may be find and/or their camper will be towed if not moved as requested.

Finally, because of the charges that Chase passes on to the clubs account, it has been decided that a 3% fee will be charged to your invoice beginning EMAA 2 if you choose to pay by Credit Card; pay with cash or check and save the 3% fee.

Not having a concessions vendor at the last show was inconvenient for many but please be aware that we are continuing to work with a new vendor for EMAA 2 and are anticipating that she will be providing concessions to our next show.

The items in the picture to the right were found at the ICF’s after the EMAA 1 show. If they are yours or you know who they belong to, please claim them at the show office and if they are not claimed, they will be disposed of after EMAA 2.

Do you want to get more involved with EMAA? We are looking to fill the secretary position on the board. If you are interested in joining the EMAA team, send me an email! Also, feel free to email me any questions or comments.

Thank You,

Tyler Smith, EMAA president


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