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March Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting, March 13, 2023, 7:30 pm

President: Kelly Beaubien, Vice President: Amy Sommer, Treasurer: Sharon Murch, Secretary: Maitlyn Smith, Directors at Large: Rebecca Rett, Zara Wright, Taylor DeBlair, Youth Director: Katie Moseley, Dressage Secretary: Kim Winger

Meeting called to Order at: 7:35 pm

Attendance: Kelly Beaubien, Vice President: Amy Sommer, Sharon Murch, Maitlyn Smith, Rebecca Rett, Zara Wright, Taylor DeBlair, Katie Moseley, and Kim Winger

Absent: none

Secretary Report:

  1. Review meeting minutes from previous month

    1. Motion to approve by Zara. Second the motion by Katie. All agree

Treasurer/ Financial Manager Report:

  1. Account Balance as of March 13 = $33,988.31

  2. Pending Transactions

    1. $65.59 PayPal transfer (deposit)

    2. $99.58 (USPS, Amazon [Banquet awards])

    3. $100 webmaster pending payment

    4. $150 financial manager pending payment

    5. $200 uncashed check for Dawn Tersigni (memorial for Kevin)

  3. All 2023 judges contracts were mailed out

President Report:

  1. Annual Meeting- scheduled, discuss agenda

    1. Scheduled for April 1st @ 1am

    2. Rebecca will do a reminder to email Coggins and papers as a reminder ahead of time to get the information in sooner.

    3. Kim can remind everyone about sign up genius, as well as how Friday will be run.

    4. Need to make sure members are validated before coming to the

    5. meeting or joining on zoom.

  2. Newsletter

    1. Ask for updates from members and exciting news

  3. VIP Parking at Mason

    1. The draft was looked at by the board and sent out to the Ingham Fairgrounds

    2. She has responded to the email and is placing parking restrictions due to damages to the fairgrounds.

    3. Kelly is getting clarification on a few things about the parking.

      1. Board feels we need to shut down and not offer any VIP parking. Due to not having the staffing to monitor the parking issues that will happen.

Show Office Manager Report:

Sent out the request for back numbers, and versatility/stall forms need to be updated on the website. there will be a post on Facebook and the newsletter about all of this.

Youth Director Report:

Facebook group has been finished for the youth. There is interest to do a possible scholarship to a graduating senior.

Committee Reports:

  • Judges- Amy - contracts were sent out and a few have been returned.

  • Show Bill- Rebecca - The new show bill has been posted to the website and Facebook.

  • Ribbons- Mattie - None

  • Dressage- Kim - None

  • Points- Kim/ Rebecca - None

  • Suggestion Box- Kelly - None

  • Camping- Zara - None

  • Banquet- Zara/ Kelly - None

  • Sponsorships- Taylor - There has been a lot of positive feedback with the most reasonable prices. There are several sponsorships that are going to be coming in soon.

Old Business:

Missing Dressage Trophy - Kelly emailed the sponsor to get the information needed to get the search going. Danielle may have all of the old records and Kelly will contact her. Kim will ask Pat if she has any old records. Pat possibly has the trophy.

New Business:

  1. Open Discussion

  2. a. Banquet contract - received and we have requested menus and a few changes for clarification. The information will be emailed to the board.

  3. Taylor has been working on the new award for Kevin, as well as the description for this.

    1. EMAA will purchase the plaque

    2. San Lue and Kristen Sayers wants to sponsor the mini trophies for several of the years.

Adjournment @ 9:10 pm

Motion to adjourn by Maitlyn

Second by Zara


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