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Spring 2022 Newsletter & Show Bill


Hello, EMAA!

I hope everyone else is as ready for spring as I am! After a few warm days I’m ready to get on with show season especially after attending the Scottsdale Show. I’m excited to see some familiar friendly faces and hopefully some new ones this year at our shows. There are some new changes to the show bill this year that I’m sure will help the show run smoother too.

We have our two new board members, Amy Sommer and Mattie Smith, up to speed and I believe they are already helping make a difference in our organization. Make sure you check out their bios in the newsletter as well. I always enjoy learning more about our board members, but I would also like for any of our members to submit a small write up about themselves and their horses; don’t forget the pictures!

EMAA’s annual Spring Meeting for 2022 members will be held on April 2nd, location is to be determined; watch for an email and Facebook invite. Make sure to attend the Spring Meeting to learn about any changes for this show season. There are changes in the show bill such as class additions like ranch riding, and there is some info that you will need to know for camping this year too. Not to mention, we like to hear everyone’s input on how EMAA is growing with you and your show family. Please remember to attend the meeting however, you will have to have your membership renewed for the 2022 season.

I know people are excited for the return of the Stallion Expo this year and I hope to see some of you there. It doesn’t get much better than having everything “horse” under one roof and some live entertainment to compliment it. I’m sure we will all be itching to get back on and ride after attending a few clinics and demonstrations.

I hope to see any EMAA members who can attend the spring meeting on April 2nd, and from one Arabian enthusiast to another, keep your heels down, shoulders back, and chin up!

See You Soon,

Thank you,

Tyler Smith, President



January 10, 2022. 7:00 pm

Meeting Facilitator: Tyler Smith, President

Invitees: Kelly Beaubien (director at large), Amy Sommer (vice president), Maitlyn Smith (Secretary), Sharon Murch (treasurer), Rebecca Rett (director at large/show office manager), Kim Winger (dressage secretary), Danielle Maser (youth director), Zara Wright (director at large)

1. Call to order @ 7:10pm

2. Roll Call - All board members present

3. Secretary’s Report - Maitlyn taking minutes as new appointed secretary

4. Old business

  1. Ribbon inventory including kid’s medals

    1. Only championship ribbons looked at will go through this weekend on what we have and what is needed. Will look at prizes in the trailer to see what is needed.

    2. Maybe get it more organized and build shelves in it to get stuff off the floor

    3. Dani kid metals unknow how many we have in the trailer will need to inventory.

    4. Maybe put prizes and cups up for sale? 20$ for the bag sets

  2. Food truck for shows still good with Dawn.

    1. Sharon did not hear anything from dawn, but everyone liked what she provided with food

    2. Maybe have Steve also provide the truck

    3. unsure what the contract wants $500 at the first show. One concession will be charges $250 to EMAA and we charge the food vendor.

    4. What food is being offered from dawn and from Steve. We need to compare the options with both venders to see who to go to or possibly hire both.

  3. Banquet numbers?

    1. In treasurer’s report from Sharon see attachment.

5. Treasurer’s Report

  1. chase balances, Banquet costs, banquet report, and Contracts

  2. See attachment

  3. All wages reported to our accountant and sent out non-profit application submitted

  4. Need response from Ingham County to get updated show contracts but no response currently. Tyler and Sharon looking into this to get clarification on deposits etc.

    1. New fines with Ingham County noted and will be checking with the county to clarify the exact rules by Tyler or Sharon.

      1. Disassembling stalls $150 fine

      2. Tampering with electrical equipment $500 fine

      3. Washing horses outside of wash rack $150 fine

  5. Will get hotel reservations will be made soon for each show date

  6. Will return Shiawassee contract by the end of the week.

    1. Camping Price change tabled until next meeting

    2. Vender fee no change but can now use a food vender.

  7. Will reach out to banquet in venue to see if 2022 date is still ok.

  8. Will be completing and preparing 2021 tax reports to audit with Tyler or Amy.

6. Show Office Managers Report - No report

7. Youth Directors Report - No report

8. Committee Reports

  1. Judges: Amy Sommer - Chair.

    1. Agreed Jen H. would like to help as well.

    2. Amy will bring ideas for judges to the next meeting

  2. Show Bill Rebecca Rett – Chair

    1. Look into numbers and changes that need to be made and in classes

    2. Amy, Maitlyn, and Tyler would like to all be added to this committee

  3. Member spotlight: Amy and Maitlyn will send in by next week meet the board

    1. We need to get more attentive to doing a member each month

  4. Ribbons: Maitlyn Smith-Chair

    1. Look through trailer, ribbon discount in February.

  5. Points: Kim Winger-Chair

    1. Tyler will be the back up point counter to compare

  6. Suggestion Box

    1. All comments sent to Tyler

  7. Banquet/gymkhana Dani Maser-Chair

    1. Yes, but may have another person to do gymkhana

  8. Dressage-Kim Winger-Chair

    1. Good to continue and is looking into judges

9. New business

1. Supporters page on website include all donors to banquet. Remove old sponsors

  • Need to add other supporters from banquet and other sponsors.

2. Yearly prepaid camping?

  • Not sure what is changing with Ingham electrical boxes and what will happen with spots. Can be a problem

  • Reservations emailing day of and majority the week before. Sent out with stall reservations. We do first come first serve on requests.

  • Early haul in agreed on with all board members we will have to agree on who comes early before the show.

  • Members will have to prepay to get reserved camping.

3. New committee heads - Covered in new committee reports. Amy judges committee. Maitlyn Ribbon Committee

4. Show bill changes? Add drop classes drop second judge? - Tentative after next show bill committee meeting.

5. Announcer change - Kelly will ask a few people. Rebecca will Reach out Scott Christmas

6. Start looking for judges - Amy is looking and Kim is looking

7. Newsletter - Compile letters of new board members and president’s letter

8. Open discussion - n/a

10. Adjournment @ 8:47 - Dani motioned and Amy second

February 14, 2022. 7:00 pm

Meeting Facilitator: Tyler Smith, President

Invitees: Amy Sommer (vice president), Maitlyn Smith (Secretary), Sharon Murch (treasurer), Rebecca Rett (director at large/show office manager), Kim Winger (dressage secretary), Danielle Maser (youth director), Zara Wright (director at large), Kelly Beaubien (director at large)

1. Call to order @ 8:06pm

2. Roll Call - All board members present

3. Secretary’s Report/Review of minutes from last meeting

  • Jen - MOTION to approve, seconded

4. Old business

  1. Ribbon order must be done in Feb. – all ribbons were counted

    1. We need main ring regular classes: 580 1st, 501 2nd, 453 3rd, 403 4th, 333 5th, 357 6th

    2. Main ring championship ribbons: 15 3rd, 15 4th, 15 5th, 5 6th, and 82 championship, 80 reserve championship.

    3. Order will be made in February to get the 10% discount. This covers all 4 horse shows. All members agreed to order the minimal needed to ensure all classes have a 1st through 6th place available for all main ring classes.

    4. Depending on how the order needs to be made we may need to round up or down depending on the number of ribbons in the box if they can not be ordered in exact numbers. The order will be placed on the 17th of February. We are keeping the same stile and price range that was previously made.

    5. All ribbons were ordered for gymkhana main ring, dressage classes and championships. No ribbons were needed for the medals open breed.

  2. Show bill committee meeting – Rebecca will have the show bill committee meeting before march meeting. The first week of march.

    1. We will place a Facebook post/ email to get member involvement if they want to join the committee. Can be in person or zoom.

  3. Food truck Steve was asking if we had dawn again- dawn would like to continue but concerned about not making enough money

    1. Board agreed to just hire the one truck from dawn. And if needed get Steve as a backup if she no longer is available.

    2. Tyler will contact Ingham needs to be contacted to make sure dawn is an approved on there list.

  4. Judges ASAP- Amy sent list of idea for judges and no one on the list was denied from the board. the board agreed to have Amy contact judges and see who is available. All of the board agreed to not hire the 2nd judge, this will affect the show bill committee and be addressed during their meeting.

    1. Pay will be: milage, $50 food stiffened, plus the full day of pay in a budget of $750-800. The board agreed to increase the budget if absolutely have to a small amount, due to not having to pay a second judge.

  5. Meet the board profiles- Amy and Maitlyn will be sending over their new board members profile to put into the monthly newsletter.

  6. Announcer- Several Board members have given a few names and they will be contacted. A Facebook blast will be made for other ideas. We still are in need of Friday person as well, but it will depend on the cost if the announcer will do just Saturday/Sunday but if able Friday too. This might have to be someone at the show and not a paid position.

    1. Doug louis, Tori Yantz, etc..

    2. Dani said she could announce for gymkhana if needed and Kim will announce the dressage, and the sport horse in hand will just be announced at the end.

5. Treasurer’s Report

  1. See attached Report.

    1. Waiting for contracts to be returned, and all hotel reservations have been made.

    2. Security cost has increased, along with several costs at Shiawassee/Ingham. An audit with board members and tax’s will be taken care of in the next 2 months

    3. We have not increased any of the costs in 2 years but have continued to have several increases from all show expenses. Prices need to be re-examined.

    4. The banquette hotel may not be in business by the end of the year. Need to research new places.

6. Show Office Managers Report - Nothing to report

7. Youth Directors Report - Nothing to report

8. Committee Reports

  • Judges: Amy Sommer-Chair. Nothing new needed to add

  • Show Bill Rebecca Rett- limit to 10-15 people

  • Member spotlight: will complete and turn in

  • Ribbons: Maitlyn Smith-Chair: Nothing new needed to add

  • Points: Kim Winger-Chair: Nothing to report

  • Suggestion Box- emails from the webpage

    • Member- made a degrading comment about the banquette with not liking the prizes and how it was run. The person wants trophies and plaques not usable items.

    • Possible vote from members at a horse show on what the opinion they have on the banquette

  • Banquet/gymkhana Dani Maser-Chair:

    • During the banquette maybe call up number by number and what they accomplished that year.

    • No change for gymkhana

  • Dressage-Kim Winger-Chair:

    • need Facebook post for judges, and Amy will give a few names as well. Hold on 2nd judge until numbers go back up.

9. New business

1. Spring meeting date and location

  • Looking at April 2nd. This will be the board meeting as well.

  • Is MSU still available? or a Zoom call? Mason community center?

2. 2022 necessary price increases

  • Hold until contracts come back to make decisions.

3. Open discussion

  • Rules and regulations need to be updated, wait until show bill is completed.

  • Look into new venues for banquette, a few members are looking at new places.

  • Make sure everyone needs to pay attention to the group text chat and emails to have responses for updates needing immediate response.

  • Possibility of pay back classes instead of a banquette? Need to revisit at the next meeting.

  • Maybe ways to scale down do just a desert and bar not necessarily full meal. Just make it clear we are still recovering from the limited attendance, so a smaller banquette may be needed until the economy turns around.

10. Adjournment - @ 9:30



Can’t wait to see everyone soon as our 1st show is quickly approaching! We will be hosting Open Breed Classes once again this year, so tell all your peeps to join us for the show.

Starting on Friday at 2pm (new time), we will have our Sport Horse in Hand classes until 4pm. We will then have ride times from 4-6pm for those with 10 or more main ring classes that would like to avoid weekend conflicts with those classes. At 6pm, we will have our 3 dressage rail classes.

As always, please make sure to register for classes on Gaitkeeper prior to signing up for ride times on Signup Genius. (Instructions are on our site) Be sure to include your name, horses name, class number, test, and division on Signup Genius when picking your times.

Open Breed rides can be signed up for on the Monday prior to the show. Don’t forget to sign up for Dressage High Score each weekend! One overall high score is awarded to Open Breed at the show. For Arabian/Half-Arabians, there is one score awarded at each level at each show, presented at the banquet.

We are having 1 judge for the whole weekend instead of a 2 nd one on Friday since our attendance was lower last year. Let’s see how this works out for us this year. Judges contracted are listed on our home page of the website.

If you have any questions, please refer to our rules/regulations or inquire by email.

Now if we can just have the temps up at least to melt the snow, we should be good to go!

Thank you….

Kim Winger- Dressage Secretary



Maitlyn Smith

I want to introduce myself, Maitlyn Smith, as the new Secretary of the Eastern Michigan Arabian Association, and how I came to love Arabian horses. In 2000, I was showing in 4-H with my green broke Morgan Frog Holler Frazier and met Tyler Smith (current President). Of course, I fell head over heels for this young cowboy riding a gorgeous black bay three-year-old Arabian gelding who you all know as Rase-N-Khayne. That was where it all began for me.

I continued my riding career showing Hunter Jumpers on the national circuit, while forcing this rugged cowboy to tag along cleaning my boots and bringing me water. I even was able to get him to clean my stalls, bonus! I was the National Champion AHJF, Dover Jr. International Hunter Challenge in 2007, and Kentucky National’s two Time Grand Champion Hunter Jumper Winner in 2006 and 2007 with my horse Charlie Tzar. Jumping is still dear to my heart but once I graduated from MSU’s Horse management program it was no longer feasible to continue in that world. Tyler began teaching me all about the Arabian horse and let me just say from being a skeptic that thought all Arabians are these 14-hand high crazy out of control animals, boy did I feel dumb. Of course, I started showing Rase-N-Khayne, this perfect horse that put up with someone who had no idea how to ride with one rein or sit flat on my bottom in this giant horned saddle.

Tyler and I married in 2009 and we had our first child Wyatt one year later. We began a whirlwind tradition of all 3 of us showing at EMAA. Let’s just say that when all three of us had to show back-to-back the assembly line of prepping horses really was a work of art. I began to expand my comfort and showed in several new classes including trail. During my MSU Veterinary Nursing degree I worked at Tri Color Farm with Mike Budd. He showed me a look into the Saddleseat side of Arabians. We traveled all over the U.S. for shows as well as the Canadian Nationals. I enjoyed how much more relaxed the atmosphere was and how close all of the different barns are with each other. Sadly, I had to leave the farm to pursue my career at MSU as a nurse in the Emergency and Critical Care unit. There is never enough time in the day/week to do all of my passions.

After nominating my husband for president in 2021, we began to become more of a part of EMAA. For the last 2 years I had to take a step back in showing because of our new addition Wesson Smith. With all 3 of my men showing some one needs to keep the show running. Its weird that my life has come to a complete circle. I started out secretary for my 4-H club while Tyler was the club president and again about 20 years later, I am the secretary, and he is the president. I am honored to be apart of an amazing organization that has taken me under their wing, allowed me to meet so many new friends and made me the rider I am today. The Arabian horse is so much more than you see from a far, and I look forward to many more years of learning.

Amy Sommer

Hi, my name is Amy Sommer. I have been showing Arabian and Half-Arabians for over 40 years. I had a

hunter/jumper I was showing in my early teens and boarded at an Arabian farm. I used to groom at their

shows to help pay for my board. That’s where I fell in love with this beautiful and zestful breed. From

there, my parents bought me my first Half-Arabian and I have been showing them in every discipline

since. I have competed from 4H shows to Arabian Nationals.

My husband, Steve and I have been married for 12 years and we currently have 6 Arabian and Half-

Arabian horses. We are expecting our first foal this spring out of Afires Heir mare and bred to SS

Coltrane. Raising a foal is something I have wanted to mark of my bucket list.

I have been blessed with two beautiful children. Zachary is currently in the Marines and Kaitlynn is

graduating high school this June and is heading to Michigan State University this fall. Both are

accomplished horsemen/horsewomen as well. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such great kids.

My education is in Radiology. I worked in human medicine for 16 years and switched over to veterinary

medicine. Going on 7 years now, I have been at MSU Veterinary Hospital. I get the opportunity to work

on both small and large animals of all species. So I get to say I have a pretty cool job most of the time.

I am also involved in 4H. I have been a 4H leader of Reins & Riders 4H Club for the last 8 years and have been an approved Michigan 4H judge for 27 years. I absolutely love working with youth and encouraging sportsmanship, improving their horsemanship skills and promoting their love for horses. Another item on my bucket list is to become a carded AHA judge.

I have been a member with EMAA for 10 years. I have to say I absolutely adore everyone.

EMAA 2022 Showbill
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